Lofoten pt 2

You’re back?
Let me tell you about Lofoten part 2.


For my second day I decided to make my way up Ryten. The weather was good and I could really enjoy the view on my way up. The mountains in Lofoten isn’t very high but the view you get from the top is absolutley amazing. Ryten is about 500 m high.

The ocean in Lofoten has such a beautiful color. From the top of Ryten you can see Kvalvika Beach wich is a beach that looks like it belongs on Hawaii, not up in the North. It’s a very popular place for hikers to put up their tents for the night.

After my hike up Ryten I drove to Napp to hike up Stornappstinden. That mountain is almost 800 m high. And beacuse it was no fog today I wanted to do as many hikes as possible.
I must admit that it was a bit scary to hike up Stornappstinden. It was very steep and it was a bit windy so I wasn’t too cocky while hiking my way up. But the view! It blew my mind. While you hike up a mountain you often see the view you’ll see from the top, just not as high up. What I didn’t realize though was that on the other side of the mountain was the ocean so when I got to the top I had an amazing view over Lofoten and probably other places of Norway too. The view was so unexpected I ALMOST started to cry. ALMOST.

I took my time on the top of Stornappstinden and ate some candy and snacks and then went back down. After this I took a nap in my car and ate dinner befor driving down to the end of Lofoten, Å, to make my way up Tindstinden. The sun is so high during summer in the North so the sun almost didn’t go down. It was only gone for an hour and it didn’t even go dark before the sun started to rise again. This gave me a lot of time to hike many mountains during one day. It was GREAT.

I got to enjoy beautiful sunsets still though and I’m very happy about that. I LOVE sunsets.

On my way down from Tindstinden I almost died. I’ll tell you all about it another time!



Ohoy there!
Let me tell you about Lofoten.

I decided to go to Lofoten on my summer vacation this year. Alone. I had never traveled alone before, so that was something new for me.  But I’m really glad I did it.
I started my journey by train up to northen Sweden and the city Kiruna. In Kiruna I rented a car and drove over to Norway and Lofoten. I had such a great time driving, the views were spectacular.


My first stop in Lofoten was Morfjorden and Svolvaer where I made my first hike up a mountain. What a view! It sure was a great start.

After the hike I drove around fot awhile until I found a good spot to park during night and then I went to sleep in my car. Hotels ain’t got NOTHING on me. The next day I woke up to rain and fog. It was so foggy outside I didn’t see anything. But I decided to try a little hike anyway and drove to Haukland beach where I spend a few hours with sheeps and mountains, what more could you ask for?

When I was done running around in the fog I started to look for a good place to eat my dinner. I drove around for awhile and found old bunkers from the war. What can be better than to eat your dinner on a bunker? Nothing, I can promise you that. So there I was, sitting on a bunker in the mountains in the fog. Best. Dinner. Ever.

After my wonderful dinner I started to look for a good place to park for the night. I hoped next day would bring better weather because my plan was to hike up Ryten and I didn’t want to miss the view.

But I’ll tell you more about my next day another time.

Summer throwback

So, you’re back?
Let me tell you about my summer.

It’s november and it’s the most boring month of the year, at least here in Sweden. It’s dark and grey and foggy and rainy and BORING. So because it’s november I have been looking back at my photos from this summer. It was such a lovely summer.
So what have me and my dog been doing? I’ll tell you:

I’ve been on hikes and watching the sunset. Obviously, how could I do anything else when I live where I do?

In Sweden we have summer vacation from work for five weeks so I had A LOT of time to be outside enjoying the summer. I love the sun, and my dog. Obviously.

Did I do anything else than being outside you may ask. No, no I did not. I love walking around with my dog and take pictures of things I see.

I made some trips too. To Julita Gård, where I enjoyed a beautiful garden with a lot of flowers. To Mariefred where I visited Gripsholm Castle and to Lofoten in Norway which I will tell you about another time.

And like I said, I went on many hikes. It’s what I enjoy the most, and probably what my dog enjoy the most too. We are such a great team! One thing I’ve learned is that I love water. I love hiking around a lake or something, it’s just so nice and beautiful and Messi can go for a swim if he wants to. It is the best kind of hikes.

And I spent a lot of nights down at the lake watching the sun go down. It’s my favourite thing and even though I’ve lived here for two years I can never get enough of the water and the sunsets. It will never get old.

After having such a great summer I am totally ready for the winter!

So, Brace yourself winter is coming.


oh, I didn’t see you there.
Let me tell you about Hensta, my paradise.

I’ve always been a “house-girl”. I grew up in a house in a good neighborhood and when I was 17 my family moved out on the countryside. When I moved out from home it was to an apartment like most people do. I knew in my heart that I wanted to live in a house though, and of course on the countryside. So when I was done studying at the University and got me a full time job I started to look at houses to move to. It took a long time and I almost gave up, but after 9 months of searching I found my DREAM HOME. No, I’m not joking.

It’s a little house in the middle of the forest. My closest neighbour is a little summer house that no one uses during spring, autumn and winter. I’m pretty alone out here and during autumn and winter it is dark as hell out here. No light except from my house. But can you imagine the silence? It is wonderful. And I love being out in the nature so it can’t get any better than this.

It is just me and my dog, Messi. I’m sure he loves this just as much as me. We have only a five minute walk down to the water and the trees are all around us. We are outside as much as we can and we never get enough. We have lived here for almost two years now and I still find it unbelievable, is it a dream?

I’m slowly learning how to take care of a house and a garden. It is a lot of work I can promise you that but it is so much fun. I have a goal that I’ll build something each year. This year a built a grill. I’ll show you sometime.

So with that said: welcome to my paradise, paradise Hensta.

San Francisco

Ah, there you are.
Let me tell you about San Francisco. I spend my days in San Francisco during summer 2014. We drove there from Los Angeles. And we did not take highway 1, jokes on us am I right? When you get there by car the first thing you’ll notice is that the roads are not flat, not at all.


This is such a lovley and special city. The best part though was the sandwich I ate the first evening there. The sandwich was so big but so delicious and I ate it all. It’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had. I kid you not!

So what did we do those wonderful days in 2014 you may ask. We visited ALCATRAZ. Yes you heard me. The coolest prison ever. When I saw Alcatraz out in the water I remember saying to my friend: “This is cooler than seeing a celebrity”. We went there for a tour and it was Amazing.

Another thing we did was to take a bicycle ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. And of course we chose to do this on the most foggy day ever. We saw nothing from that ride. Jokes on us, am I right?


My favorite thing we did though was a guided tour of the city in a GOCAR. I’ll never forget when we drove off in it out on the streets. I’ve never laughed so much. People on the Tourist busses where taking photos of us as we drove by and people stopped to take photos. We even took it down the Lombard Street, that was an experience.

I will always keep San Francisco close to my heart.

New York, New York

Oh, well hello there.

Let me tell you about my absolute LOVE for New York City.
I can’t say I have been everywhere in the world, far from it, but my favorite place on this earth is New York.

My first time in this lovley city was the summer of 2014. New York was my last destination of a six weeks long trip in USA. And the city blew my mind.

The city has it all. We went on a casual walk in Central Park and got lost, it’s a REALLY big park. Then we visited the “Friends Building” and it was a hugh deal because me and my friend are the biggest Friends fans ever. How could you caption the photo with  anything but “The one with the Friends building”?
We also took the chance to go up the Empire State building. The view is something I can’t even discribe, it is just so wonderful to look out over Manhattan. We both loved the city so much we booked a trip back there even before we got home. And we were back in New York 7 months later. During winter this time.

This time we visited Brooklyn to watch the beautiful skyline from across the water and then walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge. Do I have to tell you that it was wonderful? Probably not. This time we stayed at a very special hotel, The Waldorf Astoria. That alone was an experience, not only because our fire alarm started a few times during the two first nights. It scared the crap out of us, that’s for sure!

We were back in New York for a third time just 9 months later to celebrate the New Years in the city we loved so much. This time we stayed at Hyatt hotel and OH BOY did we love it?! The breakfast was Amazing and it had a rooftop bar on the 69th floor. Almost too good to be true, but it isn’t I swear!

This time we went up the Top of the rock, and I’m happy we did. This view is my favorite view EVER. It is breathtaking to look over Manhattan and also being able to look at the Empire State Building. LOVLEY!

I can’t really discribe what it is with this city that gets me so much, you need to experience it yourself to understand. And if you don’t agree you are wrong!

Kebnekaise 2018

Summer 2017 I made a goal that I would climb the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise by the summer of 2018. I had no idea how or with who (my mom didn’t let me climb it alone. Typical mothers, am I right?) but on my summer vacation in August 2018 it was time to start the journey up North.
After a very long journey by train and bus we reached our destination after more than 24 hours on the road. The destination was Nikkaloukta, and from there it was a 6 hour hike to the Kebnekaise Mountain station where we were suppose to sleep before climbing the mountain in the morning.


The weather, as you can see, was perfect and the views were amazing. I can’t say that it was an easy hike though. It was my first time carrying a big heavy backpack and my first time on a “real hike.” All I had done before this was just long walks with my dog. I can tell you that it is not the same.

The next morning it was time to eat a lot of breakfast and then start climbing. We were counting on 12 hours up and down so we needed to start early. The weather was even more perfect with blu sky and no wind.
and up we went…

For me, this climb was not easy. A few months before I got a problem with one of my wisdomteeth that made it almost impossible for me to eat. I didn’t eat anything but yoghurt for four month and the result was some sort of suppurating swelling that broke out from time to time, so I basically hade a hole beside my tooth in my mouth the day I went up the mountain. Becuase of this problem I couldn’t work out before the trip and I do not recommend climbing a mountain without some sort of cardio training before.
So it was really hard for me, not for my company though, it felt like he ran up the mountain…
The view from the top made it all worth it though. And photos can’t even discribe how it really looked like. It was such an amazing experience.
And then down we went…

I thought it was hard on my way up but it was NOTHING compared to the way down. I have problems with my feet (that no doctor seem to understand) and the last two hours I went so slow beacuse my feet hurt so bad. The last hour I CRIED while walking and I have never been happier than when I finally reached the Mountain station again. The guy I had with me saved my life by walking in front of me telling me where to put my feet for best grip. I am forever grateful for that.

When we got home two days later and I took my shoes and socks off I could barley take them off because my feet were so swollen they got stuck in my shoes. For a week after I could barley walk and when I walked for more than five minutes they got all swollen up again.

But like they say: “No pain, no gain” and I regret NOTHING!